NYAC Hosts

Ifeyinwa (Ify)

Ifeyinwa is a twenty-something year-old optimist currently nesting in Western MA. As a Nigerian, she’s a resolute lover of warmer climates, jollof rice and owambe parties. She’s also a researcher and, outside the lab, a photographer of all (except landscape). In her free time, Ifeyinwa is listening to a ridiculous number of podcasts, watching too many shows for her own good and trying to accomplish her reading goal of the year. All at once.


Onyeka (Yeka O)

Onyeka is a mad scientist by day and wears more hats than all the church ladies put together by night. When she is not in lab channeling Dexter (the cartoon), she is busy co-running a business that aims to provide funds for patients with cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria. You more than likely will find her singing people to sleep and/or to the savior while also delivering great speeches on snapchat and periscope, because why not?


Ifeoluwa (Ife)

Ifeoluwa is a Lagos born millennial currently living in London and missing life in New York something fierce. She’s a biology nerd turned tech enthusiast who works in the ad tech space and has grand dreams of starting an african/afro-diaspora focused business. In her free time, she listens to all of the podcasts, takes salsa classes, watches too much TV, and tries to learn German and French on Duolingo. Science, Beyoncé, dark chocolate, intersectional feminism, mangoes, the black diaspora, and the Oxford Comma are a few of her favorite things.



Amayo is a free spirit based in Nigeria (quite paradoxical as she’s also living with her very Nigerian parents). She’s a consultant and struggles with hourly daily junk food temptations. Amayo has aspirations to improve the education system and develop CSR in Nigeria. She’s always up for random conversation and is that girl in the bar/club with her sneakers on.